Tube Test Adapters

Brian AF4K bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Oct 17 06:49:09 EDT 2005

Thanks for all the inquiries - the test adapters are all sold.

On 16 Oct 2005 at 7:31, bcarling at wrote:

> Test Adapters by CBS Hytron and GC Electronics.
> These are three TUBE test socket adapters made for 
> troubleshooting electronic equipment. The first two
> are for 9-pin and 7-pin tubes and they extend the 
> tube socket so that probes may be attached to 
> the side for measuring voltages or attaching an oscilloscope etc. 
> to each pin. One each for 7-pin miniature and 9-pin miniature 
> tube sockets. The third adapter is for testing NUVISTOR
> tubes in older type tube testers. It provides a 5-pin
> nuvistor socket oin top and has an OCTAL type plug on 
> the bottom.  GC Part number 36-532.
> For the three test adapters, I would like $15.00 plus shipping.
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