SX101/HT32 Hardware

Rinkie & Ron Pollack rinkies at ADELPHIA.NET
Wed Oct 26 23:11:12 EDT 2005

After doing some work on my HT32/SX101, I cleaned the panels and repainted
the cabinets.  It all looks great, except the panel mounting and cabinet
mounting screws, as well as the control nuts and washers, were tarnished and
dull looking.  Found what appear to be exact replacements, in stainless
steel, but had to buy a big bunch.  (The control nuts may not be stainless,
but they're bright and shiny)

So, I'm offering sets cheap to those who wish to dress up their panels.
SX101 takes 8 oval head screws, plus a control nut and washer.  HT32 takes 4
oval head screws and 4 pan head screws, plus 2 control nuts and washers.
(The oval head screws fit in "finishing washers" (size 10) that are
available at Loew's and Home Depot, so I don't have extras of those.)

I believe that the Linear Amps that match the HT32 use the same hardware,
but not sure.

Anyone want some?  I'll send either set for $3 postpaid, 2 sets, mix or
match, for $5.

Pix available of the panels.

Ron K2RP

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