Three Questions

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 2 09:43:40 EDT 2005

I'm restoring two transmitters both of which use 12AU7 tubes as A.F.  
drivers.  Prices for these tubes range from $7 to $45 and from being made  in China, 
Russia and USA (nos).  Perplexed as to what to buy.  Would  like good fidelity 
but would prefer not to pay an astronomical sum for something  I don't really 
need.  Suggestions?
I would like to test several 6L6GB tubes in my B&K Dyna-Jet Model 707  tube 
tester but my chart only shows settings for a 6L6.  Can I use those  self same 
settings for the GB's?
Finally, restoring a Multi-Elmac M-1070 Power Supply.  The A.C. side  works 
perfectly but the D.C. end has several blown capacitors.  These seem  to have a 
metal mesh surround.  Any suggestions as to what can be used as a  
Thanks in advance for all your help.
73, Alan - KB2HEI

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