FS: Lafayette, National, RCA, Heathkit, Motorola Stuff and More

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Sep 6 09:42:21 EDT 2005

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will
ship overseas.

Lafayette HA-350 Receiver and Manual...............$250 plus shipping
This is a dual conversion 12 tube ham band only superhet receiver that
covers 80-10 meters and WWV at 15 MHz. This receiver was built in 1965
in Japan and sold by Lafayette Radio here in the USA. It has a
mechanical filter, S-Meter, selectable sidebands and a crystal
calibrator. This radio is in excellent condition inside and out. The
receiver plays well on all bands.

"Bud" Type Hinged Cabinet Enclosure...............$30 plus shipping
This has a hinged top and decorative vertical strips. It has a gray
hammertone finish. The dimensions are 18.5 inches wide by 8 inches high
and 8 inches deep. The enclosure some scuffs and scrapes but it has no
dents or dings. It does have some holes drilled in the base however
these would be covered up by a chassis. This would be a great enclosure
for a homebrew vacuum tube audio amplifier, a homebrew ham receiver or a
small homebrew transmitter.

NRI Professional Signal Tracer Model 33 Radio Tester....$135 plus shipping
This unit includes a four-band TRF radio with 2 tuned stages and an
audio amplifier. Both sections are similar to the audio and RF-IF
channels of the Rider Chanalyst and the Meissner Analyst 9-1040. The
four bands of the NRI-33 cover 170 KHz through 11.4 MHz in four
continuous ranges. This includes the commonly used IF frequencies as
well as broadcast and short-wave. Tubes are 6E5 eye tube, two 6SK7 for
RF amps, 6SQ7 as detector & first AF, 6K6 for audio out and 5Y3
rectifier. Additional info on this unit can be found here:

The unit works but it should be re-capped as it appears all original
under the chassis. The eye tube is nice and bright. I did here a few
stations with the RF probe attached to a long wire antenna.

RCA "Magic Eye" Capacitance Tester and Signal Tracer...$25 plus shipping
RCA Triatic tester which appears to be from the late 1940's or early
1950's. This is a capacitance tester and signal tracer. The unit uses a
magic eye tube. The unit has been tested and works.

Chassis Trak Slide Out Brackets for Rack Mount Equipment...$20 plus shipping

Clegg Model 011 Base Power Supply......$35 plus shipping
12 volt power supply. This is a working unit in nice condition.

4 - High Band VHF Motorola MAXAR Radios....$125 plus shipping
These are two channel radios that are crystalled up and ready to go in
the 155 MHz range. I tested all four radios and they all work. I
measured 20-25 watts out on my Bird wattmeter for all four radios.

Heathkit IB-2A Impedance Bridge..................$75 plus shipping
This is a working unit in excellent condition.

National RAS HRO Junior Receiver Coil Set and Box.....$250 plus shipping
The 5 coils are as follows: 1 - 190-450 kHz, 4 - 2-4 MHz (80/75 meters),
5 - 4-7 MHz, 6 - 7-14 MHz (40 and 30 meters) and 7 - 14 -30 MHz (20, 15
and 10 meters). The coils and wooden box are in great shape. All coils
work except coil 1 which has an open.

Electro-Voice EV-621L Dynamic Desk Microphone..........$40 plus shipping
Low impedance desk mike. Tested and working, the mike is in nice shape
with a few minor scuffs.

Thanks for looking.

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