HT37 won' work in SSB mode

Joseph Trombino Jr w2kj at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sat Sep 10 16:54:35 EDT 2005

I am recussitating a previously dead HT37 that now has pretty much full 
output on all bands and works in the CW and DSB positions (I checked the 
modulation and it's OK).

But the rig puts out full carrier when I am in the USB or LSB position
and switch to MOX.

I am unable to null out the carrier.

I re-checked the bias and in the DSB mode the resting bias is -64.5vdc and
when going to MOX the bias drops to the prescribed -49.5vdc.

(can anyone with an HT37 confirm these bias levels for me?)

However, in the USB or LSB position the resting bias is -64.5 and when going
to MOX it stays at -64.5vdc instead of going to -49.5vdc.

Could this be preventing the balanced modulator from becoming
"un-biased" and balancing out the carrier.

Any ideas on why the bias won't change when going to MOX in the USB/LSB

Anyone have a similar problem getting full carrier out when in USB/LSB and 
switching to the MOX position???

I finally have the rig in pretty good shape RF wise now and getting the SSB
function to work is my last chore.

Any and all ideas are welcomed at this point.

                                    73, Joe W2KJ

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