BCST Radios

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sat Sep 17 00:47:09 EDT 2005

Don't know about reflectors but here are some suggestions and web 
references for ideas:

The electric radio website looks interesting and has forums - you could 
probably list your schematics on one of those.

Another source:

Antique Radio Classified <http://www.antiqueradio.com/> is magazine with 
both articles and lots of advertisements. Also has a list of clubs on 
one page.

The Antique Radio Association is the classic antique radio association:

Huge list of antique and ham radio related web sites:

Your area may have an antique radio club (see Antique Radio Classified 
above)- if so, they may have auctions or swap meets during the year 
where you can take your schematics. Here in the Kansas City area, we 
have the Mid America Antique Radio Club (MAARC) < 
http://www.geocities.com/maarc1974/>  and they have a 'Links' page on 
their web site which will lead you to a bunch of other sources and 
clubs. MAARC has 2 auctions every year and 2 swap meets and also has a 
newsletter where you might be able to list your schematics et al for 
little or no cost.  If you have a local club they might have similiar 

As an aside and purely my personal opinion, I wonder if your schematics 
are the Ryder (spelling?) series - those are pretty common and seem to 
show up at virtually all the auctions. I think somebody is putting out 
these on a CD ROM also but I can't find my info on that - just a vague 

Hope this hits close to what you are looking for. Good luck - sometimes 
getting rid of this old stuff is a bit of a struggle if you don't want 
to just throw it away!

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

joe sloss wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is a reflector specializing on vintage broadcast radios.  I have many books of schematics I'd like to part with.  Thanks. Joe
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