FS: Antenna items

Brian AF4K bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Sep 22 05:59:27 EDT 2005


ANTRON A99 Vertical Antenna. 
Designed for 10 meter band but can be used 
on all HF bands with a remote tuner. 
Fiberglass Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna.
Power handling capacity is up to 2000 watts.  
The A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave. 
Comes in three sections, easy to assemble 
Entire antenna radiates - 9.9 dB Gain. 
18 Foot Long Base Station Antenna.  
Fiberglass construction with four small 
radials. An excellent performer. 

Available for $35.00 plus shipping. 

Fiberglas Mast Sections. 
These are UV protected 2" diameter mast sections 
that connect end to end.  
I have four sections, and each one is 4 feet long 
for a total of 16 feet. 
Great for mounting antennas, supporting wire 
ends or other ham radio applications. 
These are green in color and very strong. 

QTY 4 available for $6.00 each. 

73 - AF4K, Brian

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