MFJ antenna tuner and other parts FS

Sat Apr 1 07:26:24 EST 2006

For Sale:

MFJ 949 B antenna tuner

This antenna tuner is rated by MFJ to handle 300 Watts, 
although I really feel the standard 100 Watt rig is pretty 
much the limit.  This unit has an SWR bridge built in, 
along with a wattmeter that reads 300 W and 30 W full 
scale.  It also will handle two coax antennas, which can 
be used direct, or thru the tuner.  It also includes a balun 
and separate antenna switch position for use with open 
wire line.  It has an internal dummy load that MFJ rates 
at 300 Watts, but again, 100 W is the practical limit.

This particular unit works fine, and looks good, although 
it does have scratches around the ground post on the rear, 
plus a small barely visible scratch under the meter.  $65

Tuning capacitors for MFJ tuners
These are exact replacement tuning capacitors as used 
in the 949 antenna tuner.  I think most of the MFJ antenna 
tuners in the 300 watt class use the same capacitor.  As 
far as I know, these are unused.  Two are available for $15 each.

Other MFJ items:

MFJ 286 speaker microphone
This speaker mic can be used on most Kenwood
HTs. It is a standard size speaker mic -- not one
of the sub-miniature types. It has not been used. 
With paper work for $15.

MFJ 1305 "wall cube"
This produces 6 V DC at up to 200 ma, and is an
actual MFJ. $10

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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