More on disposition of radio collections - reflections from a semi-old collector

Jim Simmons orion at DATASYNC.COM
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Ron, for those who enjoy the thrill of making an old radio "come to life"
then passing it on to someone who will treasure it was not included in my
original comment.  My critism was about the hawks who exploit and take
unfair advantage of the situation solely to make a huge profit.  Believe me,
I'd much rather give my S-line to someone who would treasure and use it than
have it go to someone with nothing more than ebay and big dollar signs in
their eyes.


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My 2 cents worth on the disposition of old radios (Please, not radio's-no
apostrophe to make plural!).

I do keep a somewhat up to date list of my collection of about 75 major and
(mostly) minor pieces of gear.  And my brother, a "reformed" ham, has it,
along with condx and approx. value. But if a lot of it goes for less than
value, then so be it.  I have bought a number of estates at far less than
value because the survivors wanted it all out before selling a house, did
not have time or energy or knowledge to deal with it.  As this is a sideline
business with me, I'm entitled to a reasonable profit for the cleaning,
evaluating, fixing, and the expenses and time involved with the sale.  The
fact that I have bought these items reasonably means that other collectors
can enjoy them reasonably into the future.  If my situation is similar to
others, I would guess that the value of most of our collections, even at top
ebay prices, is a small fraction of the value of our estates.  If my family
realizes a couple of thousand less in total and someone is willing to carry
all of it away at a lesser price, I'm sure my family would be happier,
rather than trying to deal with dozens of individual items, not to mention
thousands of small parts.  It's worth it to me to have someone enjoy them,
as I have, at a reasonable price.  If your family is counting on the value
of your old boatanchors for their support after you have shuffled off this
mortal (tank?) coil, then buy more life insurance!

In my never to be humble opinion.

I enjoy everyone's comments.  Keep 'em glowing!

Ron K2RP

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