Radio for your son

Mark Gilstrap orthodoxhome at COX.NET
Mon Apr 3 19:05:47 EDT 2006

> Hello Mark:
> What kind of radio are you looking to purchase? Older tube type, short wave
> coverage or Solid State newer vintage?

My preference is for an older general coverage boatanchor with a warm glow and big speaker e.g. I love the big old  Hammarlund and Nationals.  If I could afford it I would get an R-390a for him. 

But it's not for me.  It's for him, so maybe a reliable newer model Lowe or Drake or similar would be better.  I can't say for sure what he likes best, (I have started showing him pictures of older models)  but he needs to have his own memories, not mine.   What I have been seeing on E-bay are primarily lower-end Hallicrafters and Nationals that have that air of a boy's air rifle "Civil Patrol"  "Sky Captain" etc...   But he's old enough for a real gun.

If he picks up interest (and I plan that he will) I hope he will take the FCC test at the Joplin Hamfest this August (me too).   At that point we will buy a new transceiver.  We live on a hill with line of sight to pretty much all of Tulsa so my brother thinks we will love VHF as well.   

I've pared doc's list down to this:

>Shortwave & Ham Bands AM w/BFO [or product detector] for CW & SSB
>... w/better filtering
>Tubes, Tube-Solid State Hybrid

Thanks for the help.

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