Robert Nickels w9ran at ONERADIO.NET
Sat Apr 15 17:56:24 EDT 2006

Doc,  I'm sure many of use would like to know just who that scoundrel was!

The suggestion to poll the Boatanchors at list is a good one, 
it's the "original" list of this type.  Good bunch of folks here also.  
You'll get the highest prices on eBay but there's a hassle factor, fees, 
and the occasional non-paying bidder to contend with.   You might 
consider putting a list together and posting it here and on the Porch 
asking for comments on pricing only.  You'll probably get a dozen or 
more good well-researched replies in a few days.   Then you can either 
offer items for sale on the lists or on put them on eBay,  but you'll 
have a much better idea of what to expect.  You'll want to consider how 
you'll handle packing and shipping also, as bubble wrap, good boxes, 
etc. aren't cheap.   Some of the pack-ship type stores do a good job but 
some are notoriously bad and overpriced.  You may be able to get some 
reputable folks interested in a local pick-up deal.

Hope you keep at least one radio and stay involved in the hobby to some 
extent.  Join some of the mail lists - sounds like you've got a lot of 
ham experience to share!

73, Bob W9RAN

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