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eBay would probably be pretty good but you have to get boxes for everything 
and packing is critical in making sure your item arrives safely to your buyer. 
You're in for all kinds of red tape if it gets shipping damage as the carriers 
would rather fight you than pay a damage claim. Also you have to factor in 
the various eBay fees and now you have PayPal fees too; these will take quite a 
chunk out of your bottom line. Years ago eBay was a lot better in my 
estimation because it was simpler and easier to use and everybody was talking about 
getting a computer then and logging on the Internet to buy and sell the latest 
high tech way which was new and exciting and a more convenient way to buy radios 
I guess. Everyone has been doing it for a few years now, probably bought a 
ton of stuff and maybe the novelty has worn off a little so you really don't 
know what an item will do on eBay these days. If it's a rare or desirable item it 
will probably do fine. On the other hand if it's a relatively common item it 
could sell for less than you had hoped; maybe because so many folks have 
loaded up on common stuff nobody wants any more of them I don't know but for 
whatever reason common stuff just does not do as well there as it did a few years 
ago. Also, for whatever reason radio sales are very seasonal on eBay, from 
Thanksgiving to about the end of March is your prime selling time; sales absolutely 
go in the toilet in the summer months. Ebay has kind of ruined the hobby for 
me. Years ago when I first discovered the antique ham radio hobby and before 
eBay it was exciting to travel to a Hamfest and find an old communications 
receiver you hadn't seen in years at the crack of dawn for sale on someone's 
tailgate. You would examine it carefully considering what would be required to 
restore it and after the requisite haggling maybe it would lead you home to become 
your next new exciting project. Nowadays you scroll through an endless of 
equipment you used to think was rare realizing this stuff is actually all over 
the place and the thrill of the chase in stumbling upon a long sought after 
treasure which was most of the fun has now become a moot point. 

Regards, Greg

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