SWAP: Ten Boatanchors for One Small 2/440 HT

doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Tue Apr 18 20:05:49 EDT 2006

I need a small 2/440 5W HT.

I am willing to swap 10 boatanchor items for it
and I will cover the shipping to you.

1.  AMECO CN VHF Converter
(appears complete, untested, copper a bit rough)

2.  AMECO PS-1 Power Supply
(appears complete, untested, copper a bit rough)

3.  AMECO PCL Nuvistor Cascade HF Preamplifier
(appears complete, untested, copper pretty good)

4.  HYGAIN 2M HT w/Original Manual
(battery needs rebuild, untested, nice manual)

5.  B&W (Barker & Williamson) 430-20 20M Transmit Filter

6.  B&W (Barker & Williamson) 429-40 40M Transmit Filter

7.  HEATHKIT HW-202 2M Transceiver w/Tone Option
and Heath hand mic.
(works, looks good, some crystals included)

8.  HEATHKIT HW-202 2M Transceiver w/Heath hand mic.
(powers up, needs some tlc, some crystals included)

9.  Heathkit HWA-202-1 AC - 12VDC Power Supply
(works, looks good)

10. HEATHKIT AV-2 AC Voltmeter w/Original Manual
(works, looks good, nice manual)

Pictures at:  http://bibleseven.com/swapn.html

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e   bibleseven.com

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