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Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Thu Apr 20 19:41:07 EDT 2006

Hi to all,

I just cannot believe the 40+ wonderful replies I received to my post a
few days ago. What a great list this is!!!  I do feel compelled to follow
up with this general response and will try to contact you individually if
you had specific questions/comments.

First of all, I did not, at all, mean to disparage those out there who
are helping the widows, the children, the SK relatives, etc. as most of
you who are helping out those of our fellow SKs are doing a real service
for our community.  However, as in all groups there are some who will
take advantage of others, and I do think, our group, as close knit as we
are, is not any different.  However, when I see many things I have going
for premium prices - my Brown Brothers paddles for $167, my McElroy Bug
for $150, just one of my two my satellite Icom rigs for $710, my Yaesu
mobile for $435, three mobile Hustler antennas with mounts, Cushcraft R-5
vertical, my old, and great, Hot Water-101, Silver Eagle mike, my Dentron
tuner for $300, the sweep tube amplifier for $250 all the AEA 232 packet
equipment, four KDK rigs - 144, 220, and 440 MHz, keyers, monitor scopes,
several 2 meter handhelds, plus the tons of parts, etc. etc. it makes me
wonder just a little bit about the $1000 offer I had for "everything". I
live in a fairly small community and we ham ops here pretty well know who
is on the up and up when it involves estate settlements. So, while my
case may be a little different here, I offer my apologies to those of
you, who may have been offended by my comments, most of us know who the
good guys and the "not so good" guys are.

Secondly, as usual, advice comes in many forms and, as per usual, varies
all over the map.  Based on the advice from many of you my plan is to use
e-Bay only when necessary.  I now know that selling here is a real hassle
with the posting, selling, collecting, shipping, dealing with the after
problems, etc. so will do this only as necessary.  I do agree with you
that the selling there will bring in the most, but, for me, I'm not into
this great hobby for monetary gain.  It's given me a lot and I hope that
I can return a bit of this to others.  I had a 60+ year collection of
QSTs that I tried to donate to local libraries, but they didn't want them
because of limited shelf space.  A local ham took them and I hope that he
will pass them on - somehow.  I've helped a few local science clubs with
ham related activities at local schools, but interest seems to have died
here - as some of you have mentioned the Internet is a real problem  -
free fone, the Internet, Echo Link, etc. are hurting this wonderful
hobby.  My memories of my very early introduction to ham radio is still
vivid in my mind and maybe I'll post here, someday (if the list will put
up with a bit of nostalgia) how Bob Mitchell, W4EDQ, introduced me to ham
radio back about 1935. 

Finally, I think I have a buyer for my tube collection - but there was
one of you who responded who might be interested in one or two of them. 
If you'll contact me again with the ID, if I have that one, it's yours -
so just give me the tube number(s) and a mailing address.  The HF, VHF,
and UHF rigs I'd like to dispose of locally (East Tennessee) as I'd like
to demo them first.  The tower, rotator, beams will present a problem,
but hopefully, I can find someone interested.  It's all to go -
somewhere, and I just hope that I can find a good home for it - like we
do for a treasured pet who, at some point, must leave home.

Thanks to all who replied 73,

Doc, W4ITJ

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