Sat Apr 22 09:36:56 EDT 2006

Thanks for filling in the missing details; without which the story might have 
been misinterpreted. I was attempting to recall the early beginning of the 
story before K2TQN was called for help. Please correct me if I miss something 
here again. As I recall before anyone knew of his passing, the SK's female 
companion just showed up one morning at the Timonium Hamfest with a van loaded with 
rare equipment that many recognized as being from the ham's collection. I had 
called them friends of the ham earlier but perhaps I should have just called 
them acquaintances of the well known and respected ham. In any event the news 
about his passing broke then and there and soon afterwards a parade of hopeful 
buyers was soon anxiously following her back to the QTH. I was told about the 
feeding frenzy and confusion there that afternoon from all the different 
opinions and values being presented to her and I was told some rare items were 
purchased and hauled off by a few before she decided to stop and try to get 
better qualified help. It was about a week later the call for help went out to 
K2TQN I think. K2TQN was one of the most trusted friends of the ham and traveled a 
good distance down to help her with deciding how to proceed with the sale of 
the collection. Out of respect and honor to the longtime friendship John 
donated much of his personal time to the situation and together they had decided 
the best direction in which to go. John called in the most recognized 
specialists for each grouping of items (Hallicrafters, National, tubes, paper, etc.), 
accurate current values were then assigned and after a lot of time and effort 
the entire collection was sadly but successfully sold off. I received a call 
from John and for that I am grateful if also sad for losing one of the greatest 
influences on my then young fledgling radio collecting career. N3GVF (great 
vintage fun) will be missed and not forgotten. Thanks for the memories N3GVF!!

73, Greg

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