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Donald L. Taylor c696 at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Aug 13 06:28:24 EDT 2006

I recently acquired 5 tube commumications receiver with no identification tag. The only  name is one the top of the 2 plugin coils. It is ALL-STAR JR. I found a picture of it in the book COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVERS 2nd edition  by Raymond S.  Moore. The note with the picture says they were kits produced from parts supplied by eleven component manufactures. The radio seems to be complete and unmodified. The tube line-up in the book is 6A7 conv.,  6F7 if, 77 Det, 42 af out, 80 rect. The book says the kits were sold in 1934-35 and were quite popular with many articles in radio related magazines. I would like to have a schematic and any other information available.

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