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Sun Aug 20 09:03:11 EDT 2006

Ham Rotors and accessories For Sale:

Ham IV Rotor and Control Box
The Ham IV is rated for 15 square feet of antenna, up to a 40 
foot boom, and has a newer, heavier duty brake.  It has a turning 
power of 800 lbs and a brake power of 5000 pounds.  There are 
96 dual race ball bearings.  It has the newer black control box.  
This one is in very nice shape, and includes all of the stainless 
steel hardware, along with the paper work. These go for about 
$550 new.  Get this one for half price  -- $275.

Ham III Rotor and Control Box
The Ham III is similar to the Ham IV, but an earlier version.  It 
is for up to a 30 foot boom on the antenna.  Other specs are 
similar to the Ham IV.  The control box has a metal enclosure.
This one is in good shape, with all of the stainless steel
hardware, for $ 200.

Ham M Rotor and Control Box
The Ham M is a bit older than the Ham IV, but still a very healthy
rotor.  It is rated for up to a 24 foot boom antenna.  This one is 
in good shape, but has had a couple modifications to the control 
box, to make it similar to the Ham II and Ham III control box.  
Two knobs have been added at the lower left and lower right, 
below the meter.  One is an on-off switch, and the other is the 
calibration control, brought out to the front so one does not need 
to reach behind the control box, as was done originally.  In 
addition, a zener diode has been added to stabilize the voltage 
for the position indicator.  With paper work and stainless steel 
hardware for $185.

Ham M control box only
This is a series 4 control box only, and is in nice condition.  
Paper work is included for $70.

Lower mast support
Heavy duty type, made to go with the Ham IV.  I do not think this 
one has been used, as it is still in the plastic.  It includes all of 
The stainless steel hardware.  New, these go for about $90.  
Get this one for $50.

Lower mast support
This is also the heavy duty type, as used on a Tail Twister rotor. 
 It is heavier duty than the Ham IV lower mast bracket. This one 
has been used.  It includes the clamps to clamp to the mast, 
and one stainless steel U bolt and hardware.  One U bolt is 
missing, but can easily be obtained locally.  $45

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at speakeasy.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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