Nems-Clarke 108E AM Broadcast Phase Monitor for sale $20 plus shipping

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sun Aug 20 19:03:44 EDT 2006

Hello everyone !

I recently rescued a few items from an AM broadcast station that was
cleaning out its store-room and taking "stuff" to the dump.

Among the items I kept from the dump is a Nems Clarke 1-8E Phase Monitor
serial number 438.

Photos are available upon request.  The unit is designed to indicate to
indicate loop current and relative phase for a two-tower directional
antenna.  By use of a suitable coaxial switch, additional antennas can be
compared with the reference antenna.

The unit was removed from service working many years ago and stored -- it is
available as-is, dusty, and missing the back aluminum panel -- a fairly
trivial item to make from a home-improvement store piece of do-it-yourself

Got a vertical directional antenna system for 80 or 160?  This could be a
really handy piece of equipment in the shack.

Photos?  Inquiries?  Please help me keep this thing from the trash-heap.

$ 20 plus shipping -- it weighs (unpacked) 23 pounds.

Thanks !


Mike Langner
mlangner at

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