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Tue Dec 5 09:44:00 EST 2006

Morning AM'rs

The modification to a Johnson KW matchbox for 160m.......

Seems a long time ago someone @ Johnson factory did an addendum on this
but it never got in print. This I found in a manual I got from a friend &
he drew out by hand what he had seen & done to his matchbox.

The modif consists of two large RF caps (I used mica) of 400pf @ 3kv, 5 rf
amps, one on one side if C-1 to ground & the other on other side to
ground, switched in by a quality, beefy relay while on 80m position.

Thats a all there is to it. I can tune 160m no problem just as if I were
on any other band. Of coarse, I switched the relay via outboard switching
so as not to drill a hole the nice panel.

Hope this helps some of you.......

Warm regards

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