Multi-Elmac PMR-6A - here's where to get the .djvu viewer --

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Wed Dec 13 13:38:01 EST 2006

> The .djvu viewer problem has come up a couple of times before.
> Files of .djvu are in a compressed format from a company called LizardTech.
> Their latest viewer is always available at
> Good luck! 73 ! Mike/ K5MGR

I have been a big promoter of the djvu format as
I believe it is the best out there, I even may have
been the one to recommend it to BAMA ... for which
he may never forgive me!  :-)

My problem is merely a local one.  I am in the
midst of upgrading from Puppy Linux 2.11 to 2.12
and messed up something on my laptop -- until I
resolve that the djvu app does not function

It is only temporary and is limited to my laptop.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
... in sunny & warm Florida  :-)
Thank our brave soldiers this season:
URL:  bibleseven (dot) com

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