AM & SSB Now Legal 3600-3800 in USA?

Mark Langenfeld mlangen at EXECPC.COM
Fri Dec 15 14:12:34 EST 2006

> Are there plans to routinely use 3600 - 3750 for voice
> in the USA or was this just a one-time-only event to
> make the point that such is now legal?
> Just wondering if there may be an opportunity to spread
> out QSO's to spectrum where some clown doesn't claim
> ownership and QRM endlessly.
> Then again, I am talking about 80/75M, is that possible?

Dunno.  But it's disappointing that the segment where the bulk of the civilized operating takes place on this band has now been squeezed down to 100 kc.

Mark -- WA9ETW
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