AM & SSB Legal 3600-3800 in USA?

john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Fri Dec 15 15:17:57 EST 2006

If it was an isolated incident, I'd agree, but the ARRL has repeatedly 
demonstrated disregard for  CW  ops.  Furthermore, they're the one that 
stirred up this pot... and having done so, they're more than a little 
responsible for what finally came out of it.

John K5MO

At 02:51 PM 12/15/2006, Perry Ballinger wrote:
>At 02:11 PM 12/15/06, kd4e wrote:
>>>>Are there plans to routinely use 3600 - 3750 for voice
>>>Dunno. But it's disappointing that the segment where the bulk of the 
>>>civilized operating takes place on this band has now been squeezed down 
>>>to 100 kc.
>>>Mark -- WA9ETW
>Agree with Mark...this was an FCC disaster (ARRL had only requested 3700 up)

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