GB> Morse Code Requirement Eliminated

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Dec 15 21:49:41 EST 2006

Why would one have to have anything done to a CSCE
that meets the new FCC standard for full General Class

With a flourish of bureaucratic authority the FCC just
waived the Morse Code requirement, they already know
that the existing CSCE's represent full General Class
standing the moment their order is actualized.

They are already overwhelmed with paperwork, why
cause themselves more?

Doesn't mean this is not the case -- sure would
make no sense and only waste money and time.

> As for those who have passed written examinations and
> have CSCEs that are less than 365 days old I believe
> that they will have to return to a VE session and pay
> $14 to get the paperwork to upgrade filed.  The only
> "automatic" upgrade will be to those Technician Class
> licensees who have not passed Element 1.  They will
> have limited privileges on the low end of 80, 40, 15,
> and 10 meters plus SSB ONLY in the 28.3 MHz to 28.5
> MHz range.
> Glen, K9STH


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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