Fw: Re: GB> Morse Code Requirement Eliminated

Peter A Markavage pmarkavage at JUNO.COM
Fri Dec 15 22:50:33 EST 2006

Too quick with the send key. ARRL just a short time ago posted the FCC
rulings. And, as I indicated, it's got to appear in the Federal Register
for the clock to start; and then 30 days later, it becomes effective
unless some one provides a good enough reason to the FCC to hold it up.
ARRL indicates effective date could be in late January.

Pete, wa2cwa

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Subject: Re: GB> Morse Code Requirement Eliminated

I didn't look at eham but it's been discussed in several places since
late this afternoon on the QRZ web site board. I believe the FCC notice
came late in the day and probably caught the ARRL at close of business or
Pete, wa2cwa
On Fri, 15 Dec 2006 20:38:09 EST N2EY at aol.com writes:
In a message dated 12/15/06 8:25:40 PM Eastern Standard Time,
kd4e at verizon.net writes:

Wow!  Didn't even know they were looking at this
right now.


I think you scooped it, Doc! As of this writing, this info isn't on ARRL,
qrz or eham websites yet.

thanks for the info

73 de Jim, N2EY

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