OT: in search of schematic for Conar 300 amplifier

John A. Evans - N0HJ jaevans at PCISYS.NET
Tue Dec 19 20:40:45 EST 2006

Yeah, what Peter said ;)

  It is a relatively small sized stereo amp.  The manual has it as part 
of a system with turntable and speakers, but it deals primarily with 
assembly of the amplifier.  I suspect that a schematic may have been a 
larger foldout that got separated from the main manual.  If I am unable 
to locate one, I suspect I will create my own from scratch - certainly 
doable with the unit I have in my possession.


Peter A Markavage wrote:
> Stereo amplifier.
> Pete, wa2cwa
> www.manualman.com
> On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 19:10:24 -0500 Bry Carling <bcarling at CFL.RR.COM>
> writes:
>> John - what is a CONAR 300 amp?
>> Many of us don't know what we are looking for!
>> I know the Conar 400 and 500, but a
>> 300??

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