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On 2/6/06, Peter A Markavage <pmarkavage at juno.com> wrote:
> Todd and others on this email message. My comments start with ****. Duh,
> I forgot to put that in.

Thanks, Pete. I agree with you complete with respect to the service
aspect of amateur radio allowing for its use as a hobby in the down
time. I've preached for years for more folks to get involved on some
level, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem. Since the
Cold War need for an emergency radio system to include amateur radio
has evaporated, CD and later FEMA opted to retain the RACES system and
shift the focus to natural disasters and such. The work of relatively
few hams (compared to overall licensees) in public service is what has
brought good press to ham radio and retained the accurate perception
of a public service need.

With respect to RM-11305, my understanding of it is to work in unison
with existing laws on good amateur practice, necessary power levels,
accepted as opposed to intentional interference and so on. I didn't
take it to mean a complete relaxation of all existing rules to allow
your new ATV mode to become an issue, as example.

My thoughts are simple: rather than add yet another layer of
regulations that would be difficult, if not impossible to enforce,
instead streamline things to remove subband restrictions that don't
exist for the rest of the world's hams and go from there. Keep it
simple, and allow the FCC's enforcement branch to focus on the real
issues such as deliberate interference, unlicensed operation and so
on. Trying to cram a ridiculous number of 'no traffic' nets,
contesters, SSB, AM, and the rest into a chunk of spectrum while other
space lies dormant, *then* adding another layer of bandwidth
requirements while cramming in new 'digital' modes seems to me like a
disaster waiting to happen. Particularly when the majority are against

I'm not against change for the sake of needed improvement, simply
change for the sake of change, as others have said.

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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