Some Gonsets Followed Me Home

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat Feb 11 18:29:28 EST 2006

Just returned from the Orlando, FL Hamcation and some
Gonset stuff followed me home.

Gonset Communications Monitor Receiver 112-132 MC
(Model 3156AM, Classic Gonset gray, modded for 144MC,
paint kinda roughed-up around face, missing one knob,
working condition)

Another one that covers 108-135MC
(No obvious model #, painted eggshell white with blue
front panel lettering, needs a couple of tubes, untested)

Two Gonset speakers
(No Gonset label or part number, some nicotine yellowing)

Turner Desk Mic w/2-pin connector and Chrome-Gray-Red
colors that match the G77 & G66.

Would have located the connectors for the G66/G77 cables
but my 10yr old was worn out chasing old dad up and down
the tables and tailgates and pleaded to go home!


1.  A good source for Gonset gray textured paint?

2.  Did the older 3156AM model have blue or silver knobs?

3.  Source for blue Gonset knobs?

4.  Is the 144MC Mod for the 3156AM a common one?

5.  Anyone interested in the two receivers and one of the
speakers?  (I need one of the speakers for my G66 but
really do not "need" the two receivers or the second
speaker but they all came together.)

6.  Anyone interested in a partial swap for G66-G77
Cable Set (or just the connectors I need to make them
8 male to 8 female G66 PS-RX,
12 male to 12 male Mod/PS-TX for G77b,
4-pin RX-TX Receive Mute.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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