Amps w/Window to Glowing Tubes?

LM Picard lmpicard at ALLSTREAM.NET
Mon Jan 2 13:18:35 EST 2006

Scott Johnson wrote:

> Soft X-rays can be produced at around 12-15 KV, but they won't 
> typically penetrate the plate material of the tube.  ... Anyway, don't 
> sweat it, you'll undoubtedly die of something else.
> Happy New Year,

I agree.

The major health risks associated with boatanchor gear are electric 
shock,  RF burns and the possibility of injury related to sheer weight 
of the rigs. 

In the '60's there was concern that certain models of TV sets were a 
potential x-ray hazard.  This derived from the HV supply for the picture 

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