Addend: FS / TRADE BC-669 & IRON

Dee C. Almquist w4pnt at HIGHSPEEDLINK.NET
Mon Jan 2 17:33:02 EST 2006

Guys I also found a large Monarch modern vintage power transformer @ 100#
approx. that came out of a vhf paging transformer that is extra to my needs.
I have 2 others that I might use in my Federal Telephone tx project,ballast!
(2x813s by 2x813s). The paging tx put out 250watts (24x365) running pr
4cx250bs. About 1200volts @ lots of current. I also have the orig. factory
filter cap & rectifier block that goes w/ it. This is super clean. Any
interest? Same deal as below.
73 es Dee

Hi Gang
Am in process of moving the paint shop & lots of "iron". For those in &
around Virginia I have a pair of BC-669s, one for restore & other for parts.
I also have one power / control cable w/ cannon plug on ends. Interesting
gear & would be fun to restore but now I have no room (or time) for these.
They need a good home!! DEAL: I'll take parts for a Johnson Ranger (still
need cabs) or 18guage teflon insulation wire (reel of), good  6550s (Sovtek,
other makes), octal plugs or tube bases, 6146(A)s. You get the picture. Most
important thing, you want it bad enuf to come get it here in Waynesboro, Va.

I also have a 1kw mod choke from a BC tx. There are numerous other iron here
for pwr supply incl. chokes.
Any interest??

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