FS: Lot's of Radio Books - ARRL, RSGB and More

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Sat Jan 7 13:10:23 EST 2006

Been cleaning out the shack. Here are a bunch of ham radio books. Prices 
do not include shipping. I will ship via media mail in a padded envelope 
or priority mail depending upon your preference. I will ship overseas. 
Thanks for looking...Dave

All books are in very good to excellent condition

Amateur Radio Techniques (RSGB)	$15.00
Antenna Anthology (ARRL)	$20.00
Antenna Zoning (ARRL)	$20.00
ARRL Antenna Compendium Volume 7	$15.00
ARRL Electronics Data Book	$10.00
Backyard Antennas (RSGB)	$15.00
Building Baluns and Ununs (ARRL)	$25.00
Electric Generator and Motor Repair (Dept of the Navy)	$5.00
First Steps in Radio (Demaw)	$7.00
Fundamentals of Electronics Vol 2– Power Supplies & Amplifiers	$5.00
Fundamentals of Electronics Vol 4– Receiver Circuit Applications	$5.00
Heil Ham Radio Handbook	$10.00
HF Antenna Collection (RSGB)	$15.00
HF Antennas for All Locations by Moxon (RSGB)	$20.00
Hints and Kinks (ARRL)	$8.00
Near Vertical Incidence Sky Wave Communication	
Practical RF Design Manual (MFJ)	$10.00
Practical Wire Antennas (RSGB)	$15.00
QRP Classics (ARRL)	$10.00
QRP Power (ARRL)	$10.00
Radio Aerial Concepts (RSGB)	$15.00
Radio Engineering Handbook by Henney	$20.00
RF Circuit Design (Sams)	$10.00
RF Exposure and You (ARRL)	$15.00
Single Sideband or the Radio Amateur (ARRL)	$8.00
Solid State QRP Projects (Edward Noll)	$10.00
Terman Radio Engineering Book (third edition)	$20.00
The New Short Wave Propagation Notebook	
Transmitting Hunting Simplified	$10.00
W1FB’s Design Notebook (ARRL)	$10.00
W1FB’s Design Notebook (ARRL)	$10.00
Wires and Waves (RSGB)	$15.00
Yagi Antenna Design (ARRL) Hard Cover	$20.00
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