GB> Re: Amplitude Modulation in Central Florida

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Jan 7 17:38:24 EST 2006

On 7 Jan 2006 at 14:38, CleophusA1 at wrote:

> I just got my new old Johnson Viking Ranger up and running, and I would like to try and 
> join in with ya'll and do a little AMing. You will have to overlook my clumsiness on a mic, 
> though, since I do CW almost exclusively. Could you give dates, times, (preferably in UTC), 
> and FREQs where ya'll meet? Thanks, 
> 73's 
> Greg Gifford / KG4MMY 

Hi Greg - welcome back to AM.  We are usually on around 8 am to 
2 or 3 pm on Saturdays on 40m.

I am however, getting tired of the lousy conditions... I may need a 
better antenna.
I just don't know what it is gonna take!

Meanwhile I will also be on CW a lot too with the DX60.

Try around 7290 and 7050 kHz. If 7050 gets covered 
with garbage, then 7045 or down.

I am sometimes on AM on the weekdays too if I am 
working at home. It happens once every week or two.
I find K4CR or WA4NJY etc. on there.

I am seriously thinking about doing more daytime 80m AM 
work, although the distance is kind of limited to within Florida.

73 - Brian, AF4K

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