SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Jan 19 06:05:30 EST 2006

Mark & fellow CW ops...

I did not do anything about it in the case of this CQWW contest.
I am not against contesters at all, but THIS went too far.

I think we need a co-ordinated effort among CW ops the next 
time this happens.

Here is the idea. MOst of these gung ho contesters have e-mail.

What about if we LOG all of their activity that is BELOW the IARU 
edge (i.e. 7050 kHz)
or is oit 7030 kHz?
Anyway, we LOG it nad send a copy of the WHOLE LOG to CQ 
Magazine with a letter of complaint.

ALSO, and most importantly, we send an e-mail or a  
"QSL CARD" or letter to each of these stations (mostly outside 
USA so 
an e-mail will be cheaper) and let them know that we are not too 
happy about the situation and that we have lodged a complaint with 
CQ Magazine.

If a guy gets 40 or 50 such QSL cards, letters and e-mails from his 
he might think again before causing such careless and wanton 
QRM to the CQ sub-band.

What think you all?

Maybe we need an informal "Uh Oh!" organization.
O-O  =  Official Observers
Uh-Oh  =  Unofficiual Observers

Or we can sit on our butts and do nothing and the blighters will 
take more and more of the CW segments away!

Brian, AF4K

P.S. PLEASE forward to OTHER CW-related lists!

On 18 Jan 2006 at 23:09, W1EOF wrote:
> During the last CQ WW SSB contest participants were operating all the way
> down to 7.002 on 40M. I wrote to several people at CQ Magazine asking why
> they did not voluntarily restrict the frequencies available for the contest.
> This to me was the mot obvious way to solve the problem.
> Only got one response, from some guy who was not at CQ Magazine. He said it
> was not their business to police it, and those amateurs who operated down
> there were legally operating under the rules of their country. I got no
> official answer from CQ. Neither did anyone else I know who wrote to them.
> Personally I think the most shameful of all are the American hams that get a
> license from the country they are visiting so they can operate without
> hinderance from those nasty sub-bands.
> Maybe I should subscribe so I can pull my subscription in protest?
> 73,
> Mark W1EOF

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