SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jan 19 19:32:53 EST 2006

The 60 meter band is the only non CW band as far as
the United States goes.  On all other frequencies CW
is legal.  It is phone operation that is restricted to
specific segments.  In Regions I and III what are the
CW bands for the United States are the entire band. 
Thus the problem of SSB and CW interferring with each

Actually, I have never had a problem with copying CW
through an SSB station.  In fact, if you use a good CW
filter you probably won't even know that the SSB
station is operating.  It is primarily those operators
who are copying CW using SSB filters (or wider) that
are primarily having problems.  Those are the same
people who complain about other CW operators that are
over a KHz away in frequency.  Frankly, a station
using a decent CW filter can often get within 200 Hz
of another station and not even know that the other
station is operating.

Glen, K9STH

At 11:37 AM 1/19/06, Chuck O'Neal wrote:

OK....then we should do the same thing when the CW
operators venture into the phone bands during CW
contests also?

Glen, K9STH

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