SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 20 18:19:25 EST 2006

The personal abilities of amateur radio operators vary
all over the place.  Some people are able to
accomplish things that others cannot accomplish.  This
is just one of the "facts of life".

It is a fact that many operators do not know how to
use their equipment to the fullest extent of its
capabilities.  It is also a fact that many operators
don't even try to use their equipment other than
running "wide open".  Then there are those operators
who have learned the "ins and outs" of using their
equipment and definitely are able to opeerate under
conditions that others just throw up their hands and
start complaining.

If something is "impossible" for someone to accomplish
then so be it.  However, in many cases what seems to
be impossible is definitely possible but requires a
different approach in attitude and/or utilization of
assets (equipment, etc.).  Not everyone is willing to
undertake the efforts and not everyone is able to
undertake the efforts.  But, to state that it is
"impossible" to do things that others are doing and to
"get their dander up" is just plain wrong.

I have been told that it is "impossible" to work JA
stations at "high noon" local time on 40 meters from
the Dallas, Texas, area.  Well, I have on a number of
occasions and have the QSL cards to prove it.  The
latest time for a QSL card for a CW contact is around
1:15 PM LOCAL time in Dallas and the latest time for
an SSB contact is around 11:45 AM LOCAL time in
Dallas.  These contacts are generally made during the
winter months and I use a pair of phased verticals
with 90 degree phasing.  But, there are a lot of
people who say it cannot be done.

Certain individuals seem to "take it personally" when
someone makes a comment that is contrary with what the
original individual "believes".  Frankly, no one likes
being called a liar yet that is what has happened in
this particular thread.  There are very few absolutes
in amateur radio operation.  What some persons are
able to accomplish others are not able to accomplish. 
But, to get hostile because one group is able to
accomplish certain things while another group is not
is just plain childish.

I have worked a number of DX stations that other
locals were not able to even hear.  Not that often,
but occasionally.  Some operators have even accused me
of "fabricating" the QSO.  However, when the QSL card
showed up in my mailbox those who questioned the
contact have had to retract their comments.

I don't have any "hard feelings" for Brian or anyone
else who has made comments saying that it is
impossible to copy a relatively weak CW station
through a strong SSB station.  It may be for them. 
But, there are others that are able to do this and I
have heard from a couple of those persons as well.

Frankly, this discussion is going nowhere in a hurry. 
There are those who are convinced that it is
impossible and there are those who say it can be done.
 Most of those reading this thread are really getting
tired of the bickering.  As such, I won't make any
more comments on the subject.  I know what I, and
others, can do.  If others cannot I definitely believe
them.  But, I do ask that those who have been so
"vocal" in saying that it is impossible to copy a
relatively weak CW signal through a strong SSB signal
accept the fact that there are those who are doing it.
 Maybe not that many, I don't know, but there are
those who don't normally have any problem with the CW
/ SSB situation.

Glen, K9STH

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