Value of WW-II gear.

Eugene Balinski eugeneb at NNI.COM
Wed Jan 25 22:42:20 EST 2006


    Need a little guidance from the Boatanchor crowd. My
radio club has "inherited" a few WW-II mil radio sets,
mainly from aircraft. One piece, a Wilson Electronics CW-3,
is actually new in box.

The club would like to sell off the gear to raise money for
the club.  The club is also considering donating them to a
good museum. 

If someone on this group is aware of the value of such
gear, or can point me in the right direction to determine
it, I would appreciate it.

The list includes the following:  

CW-3 Receiver, new in box with packing materials, original
manual, spare tubes, coil set, and headphones. 

2nd CW-3 good condx, missing 1ea 4 pin tube,

T-05/APT-5 Transmitter dusty, but good condx

TN-19/ABR-4 Tuning Unit on shock mount

2 ea. BC-645A IFF transponders very good condition.  

That is it.  Any help would be appreciated.

  Gene K1NR

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