Orlando Hamcation Boatachors Lunch

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Jan 30 11:44:50 EST 2006

Yeah Scott - don't these guys realize this is a hamfest?
Now - to be fair I see some of them saying they will sell at 65% or 
75% of the AES price or the RF Parts Company price etc.
but come ON!  If we want to pay those kinds of prices we will 
stay home in the comfort of the easy chair and save on gas, 
wear and tear, admission fee, eating out, hotel etc. and just 
buy them from one of the many tube discounters on the internet!

I think a fair HAMFEST price for any new tube is $1.00 and maybe 
10 cents for a dubious used tube. Beyond that it's whatever the 
buyer and seller agree the thing is worth, not what some dealer
decided that the list price should be!

By the way, did you ever see some of the more "commercial"
electronic parts companies' list prices on tubes these days?

Some of them are REALLY funny, but I can't remember where I saw 
them  Maybe it was Allied or Newark. I guess they must still have 
some late manufactured RCA and G.E. bottles new in boxes.

Some dealer is selling things like 6L6es for $81.00 and 12BY7 for a $28.00 
Yeah, I think that is Allied... crazy!  I guess some industrial users or 
musicians might pay those kinds of prices! We won't though...

On 30 Jan 2006 at 10:14, Freeberg, Scott (STP) wrote:

> Something else I notice at hamfests are the small tube sellers quoting
> prices from their Antique Electronics Supply catalog..... Last swapmeet I
> was at, I asked the price of a tube, guy pulls out his AES catalog, finds
> the tube, gives me that price... Letsee, for the same price, AES offers a
> money back guarantee vs I'll never see this guy again.. Hmmmm, wonder
> where I'll buy a tube from... har har har
> At that same swapmeet, another guy with some tubes was rattling off prices
> from his AES catalog as well but when I wandered by his table near the end
> of the swap meet, he was now selling for 1/2 AES price.... I bought
> some..
> 73, Scott WA9WFA

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