Heathkit Remote Coax Switch, HD-1481

Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Fri Jul 7 15:00:11 EDT 2006


I've inherited a Heathkit Remote Coax Switch, Model HD-1481, but no
manual.  It operates with 120 VAC input, has two SO-239 sockets on the
rear, marked Xmitter and Rcvr, and a four position switch on the panel. 
When checked with my Simpson VOM I see on the Receiver connector, zero,
+15 VDC and 14 VAC, -15VDC and 14 VAC, and zero DC and 28 VAC
corresponding to the four switch positions. These voltages apparently
operate a remote switching unit which I don't have.

Can someone tell me if this thing is functioning correctly and maybe
where I can find a manual?

Doc, W4ITJ     

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