Six pin plugs

John Dilks K2TQN oldradio at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Jul 14 10:50:30 EDT 2006


Check here..... below a message from me to another reflector......

I just received my new "Radio Daze" catalog, and I want to tell you 
that I am really impressed with it.

It has almost everything a ham would need to restore and repair their 
radios.  They have an on-line catalog too, but there's nothing like a 
paper catalog - especially if you have a nice quiet spot in your home 
conducive to reading.

Here is their web site with an on-line catalog.  You can order a 
paper catalog from their contact page.  Make sure your subject line 
says "Radio Daze Catalog" in the beginning.

73, John Dilks, K2TQN

At 10:11 AM 7/14/2006, n4tua at wrote:
>Hello Friends,
>I am in need again. Might anyone on this fine list know where I 
>could find some six pin male connector plugs like the ones used on 
>old radios? The plugs I need are like a tube base with six pins like 
>used on a Globe King and others to supply power. I need 3 but will 
>take what I can get.
>Thank you very much, Collin

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