RCA AR-77 or RCAF GR-10 Receiver

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Mon Jul 17 19:34:59 EDT 2006

Picked up a pathetic looking receiver which I though was an AR-77 at 
last weekend's hamfest. Turns out to be an RCAF Type GR-10 which appears 
to be the same radio. The label under the hood says that it is a GR-10 
built at an RCA plant in Montreal. Despite looks, the radio works quite 
well after I brought it up on a variac and I am going to restore it. 
This receiver is not a hernia generator like the big brother AR-88.

The issues. The cabinet has been painted. I have no idea as to what the 
correct color might be. The photos I have found show a two tone gray 
with chrome strip dividers and one with strips that go partially across 
the front. Mine has no strips of any kind an no holes indicating that 
they were once there. Anybody know the color of this radio? My radio 
looks like the top one in this photo without the trim strips.


Here is the two tone version:


Bigger issue. The S-Meter and the RCA logo that goes right below the 
s-meter is missing.

I am probably dreaming but does any one have a parts unit? I need the 
logo and the s-meter. Other than those two parts, the radio is complete 
and playing. Does anyone know what kind of movement this meter is? The 
manual I downloaded just say "s-meter" in the parts list.

Anyone have either of these receivers and have any interesting comments?

I have several 1930's RCA communications/ham receivers and thy are all 
very well built and good performers for their time. My understanding is 
that they were not that popular as RCA with their licensing at that time 
was like Microsoft is today and many simply avoided RCA for that reason.

Thanks in advance for any comments or assistance.


Dave N7RK
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