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This is a general coverage Shortwave and AM band 
receiver covering 
535 kHz to 30 MHz in several bands, with 
bandspread tuning for the 
ham bands etc. Single conversion design produces 
extra clean signals.

The DX160 model includes the 150-400 kHz LF 
(longwave) band. 
The DX150 does not. Made in Japan 1975-1980,   
Voltages: 120 V AC OR 12 VDC. 
Coverage: 150-30000 kHz Readout: Analog,  Modes: 
AM, SSB & CW, 
Selectivity 4 kHz, Single Conversion Superhet. 
Bands: 150 - 400 kHz,
535 - 1600 kHz,  1550 - 4500 kHz,  4.5 - 13 MHz,  
and 13 - 30 MHz.
Bandspread bands: 3.5-4,   7-7.3,  14-14.35,  21-
21.4 and  
28-29.7 MHz plus CB channels 1-23. Headphone jack,  
S-Meter,  Mute Line
ANL,  Dial Lamp,  Standby,  Bandspread,  Antenna 
Trimmer, AVC.
New Price: $160 Used Price: $90 - 145
Dimensions:  14.5" wide  X  6" high  X  9" deep.

I have several of these receivers available for 
sale.  Three are DX150 models.
The rest are all DX160 models. Some of them have 
all of the original knobs. 
Some have one or two that are different. All of 
the receivers are being sold 
as-is. They are complete unless otherwise noted. 
At this point they are all 
untested and might work fine. Most of these need a 
new AC line cord. 
The antenna connections have all been changed to 
BNC receptacles but that is 
no big deal and it's very easy to change one of 
these to an SO-239 if desired. 
Some of these may have an extra sticker or two.

Most of these sets look a little used, and show 
some wear, but they would
be great for a restoration project or to use as is 
if you are not looking for 
a collector's model, beauty queen receiver.

First come, first served means you will get the 
best choice up front if you 
buy now. I do not know if they work. I have not 
tested them,but since they 
were all removed from service from an active 
company when they were shut down, 
there is good reason to think that most of them 
work fine as-is. If you want 
them tested, then the price is going to go up a 
little, naturally.

These sets typical sell used in the range  of 
$95.00 to $125.00. 

I have ONE with no case for $25.00 plus shipping.
I have one with a slightly dented case for $30.00 
plus shipping. 
The others are all available for $45.00 each plus 

Pictures and details at:

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