FS: Drake B & C-Line Parts Locator CDs

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Jun 1 12:28:03 EDT 2006

These CDs are  _NOT_  just scans of the original "Operation and Service"
manuals provided by Drake!   (Although High resolution scans of the
original manuals ARE included on the CDs!)

What these CDs  _DO_  include is information not available anywhere else.

Full color, high resolution photos of the chassis and each PC board,
(excluding PTO,) with each part identified and keyed to a tabulated Parts
List.  These photos will print on 8.5 x 11 paper, but may also be enlarged
more than five times on screen for a closer look.

Also included is never before published schematic and other information
about the Passband Tuner in the R-4B..

Schematics for all known versions of each receiver and transmitter that may
be printed in original full 11 x 17 size, either on your own printer or at
a Kinko's or other office support location.

Over 100 pages of miscellaneous additional files, errata sheets and
alignment data.

All documents in PDF form and readable on most platforms, (including MAC
and LINUX,) with appropriate FREE reader available from Adobe Systems.

Sample pages and full ordering information may be seen at <www.k4oah.com>

Each CD (Specify B Line or C Line) is available for $25 postpaid to US and
Canadian addresses only.  Additional postage charges for non US/Canada
delivery.  Inquire.

Coming Soon!  Drake 2-B / 2-BQ receiver CD.

Email to <Drake4 at mindspring.com> for more information.

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