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kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat Jun 24 09:11:12 EDT 2006

_**_Asking Prices are plus shipping.  * *_

Reasonable offers are encouraged.

!!! Do NOT reply to me, Reply to W5EUQ at verizon.net !!!

*Heathkit SB 101*, fair to above fair shape *$165 *
HP23C power supply *for above SB 101 or below HW100, with eleven pin 
plug/socket cable.  *$60 *

*SB600 Speaker,  **$20  *Works with SB101, HW100 and SB301*

**HW 100 with Digital Readout Modification.*    *$195   **It is a rare 
find with the digital read out. Works great. *Receiver is very sensitive 
and has output of 100watts plus on most bands.  * Comparing frequency 
calibration with my Icom 756ProII , it seems to track and be less than ± 
0.5 KHz off on several bands that I checked.  Xtal calibrator checks to 
be  fairly accurate as well. *

_**Sell as group or individually:**_      _*This is a good first rig for 
a new comer to ham radio.  *_
*SB-303 Receiver,* works good and has full set of  Xtals *    $165 *
*SB-401 Transmitter,* works good and it also has a full set of xtals 
which allows xmtr to be used as stand alone. *$145 *
* ****HD-15 Phone Patch* with IB,  *$15
Total adds up to $325
**_Group purchase of Receiver,transmitter and phone patch above_***_ 
$295  _( *plus shipping) *_Save $30  PLUS _see below for more to be 
included in a package purchase.
*Original Heathkit IB's for 303 and 401.   I bought this package from an 
older guy who says he built it all and he even showed me the receipts to 
prove his purchases.  He said that he bought several of the kits in the 
early 1980's, except for one in the 70's.   The assembly and soldering 
looks good.  I went through the SB 401 replacing the 6146's,  6CL6, some 
other tubes and tuned it up.  The receiver and transmitter works good. 
In both units, I replaced any resistors that were over 15% high. 
Checked capacitors and all tubes. Cleaned switch contacts, pots, relay 
contacts, etc.
*_IF YOU BUY THE PACKAGE,_ *I will also include a *Piezo DX75 Microphone 
*along with a *Turner Plus3 preamp* with push to talk switch on base. 
(Turner unit does* not *have mike on base, DX75  plugs into it.)  This 
is a good package for anyone that wants a Heathkit rig to play with and 
show others what we used to use.  It's fun.
*Heath SB220 Linear Amplifier*, clean and works great. With original IB. 
I've used it for years. Presently wired for 120VAC, easy to change. I 
can't use it due to being in restricted neighborhood. * $595*

*Non Heath Eqpt for Sale: *
Radio Shack 2 Mtr HTX-212 45 watt mobile transceiver, *w/photocopy 
manual. Needs mike*.   $95
(rig is worth at least $150 with mike.  Radio Shack had the mikes for 
about $35 when I check with them)
*Icom 735* w/photocopy IB. Still has plastic door in place too. Works 
great. Unit looks brand new. * $299.
Plans were to keep this unit until I made a good deal for an ICOM 7000. 
  The 735 is a very good rig for mobile and makes a very good home rig 
too.  It is especially good for traveling. *
_*Swan 270 **Cygnet*_, works good. w/Photocopy IB  too.  *$185  *

*Swan 500CX*  Works good and w/Photocopy IB too *$325* *Swan 117CX 
supply for 500CX- $75      *W/Photocopy IB
*Swan supplies*, t*wo 117CX, both work @$75 each  *
I also have a *PSU-3A power supply* for Swan equipment, make me an offer.

*BC-221 Freq. Meter,* has interpolation freq. cards, *clean and case 
looks new*, this is a fun unit and *collectors item, $95 *

*National SW-54 Receiver*, very clean and works fine. BFO works. In 
EXCELLENT shape.  Restored to near original condition.  It's a 
*collectors item. *I'm very proud of this receiver. It is a rare find. 
Have  Photocopy of Sam's PhotoFax.  Will take _*$125 *_or might _*trade 
for a good Hallicrafters S-38B*_, C or D receiver in EXCELLENT shape 
too.(S38B was my first receiver when I was 13 yrs old)

*Bob Hardie-W5EUQ, Tampa, Florida-  home 813-968-4423 *and work 
813-880-8182 (direct to desk. Leave voicemail if I'm not there). or 
respond to    *W5EUQ at verizon.net *


Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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