Interesting BA Photo Site

Don Buska D.Buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Fri Mar 3 10:31:19 EST 2006

I came across this site yesterday.  The site was produced by Odinn Thor
in Iceland.  The pictures of some BA transceivers and some not so BA
transceiver was very interesting from the fact that many of them I had
never seen before, including those made in America.

Notice the Atlas Radio models 300, 310 and 400.  I've never seen those
and considering the pictures all look like they are from ads I wonder if
these were just prototypes.  Who has ever heard of the Hilberling
company?  They are a German company that appears to have been around for
a long time.  Under the "New Tech" category the Hilberling PT-8000A
appears to be a direct competitor for the TenTec Orion or the new
Japanese offerings.  Between this sight and the RigPix database I see
they have manufactured a great many transceivers.

Just some neat stuff for the BA collector.

Check out

How the Hallicrafter HT-32A made it in with all the transceivers I don't
know, hi.


Don N9OO

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