Tubes again

Artmouton k5fnq at COX.NET
Tue Mar 14 22:32:16 EST 2006

I apologize to the list as I had put out the availability of some tubes that 
were given to me "for the hams" and that I am selling for contributions to 
the local club.
In fact I brought 4 boxes of small tubes to our Lafayette Hamfest and the 
club made about $150 on selling them.
It looked like old times to see everyone hovering around the boxes of tubes.
There are the larger ones and are for sale.
Funds to go to the local club
Acadiana Amateur Radio Association..  P.O. Box 51174      70505
You should probably send the check to me, but payable to the club.
The available tubes and suggested price are:

Tube                                                Number available 
suggested price
829B                                                10 
$10.00 each, discount for more
8643                                                  10 
$5 (I could find very little on this tube - is this too low?)
6155 (same as 4-125 I understand)   4                                $15
4-125                                                2 
8072                                                 2 
both spoken for at this time
5894                                                1 
254 (weird tube with side connector)  1                            $???
807                                                    8 
Is $10 too much?

If any price is too much let me know or make and offer.
If someone thinks this is a give away let me know as I would like to see the 
club make something on this.

73, Art K5FNQ

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