[Boatanchors] Interesting Boatanchor Site

Michael NØXY michael72 at BINARY.NET
Thu Mar 23 13:22:34 EST 2006

I found that site about a year ago and spent a half hour gazing at the 
spectical of it all. To me it is not a museum, and seeing stuff stacked 
that high suggests more of a hoarder than a collector.

Imagine the estate sale that will ensue upon his passing! I bet hams 
from all over the country will attend, that is, if the family has the 
presence of mind to do some advertising in the right places. HOpefully 
it won't all get carted off to a landfill.


doc wrote:
>> Form your own conclusions. I guess I really don't have many radios 
>> after all.
>> http://members.cox.net/wa6mhz/
>> Dave N7RK

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