More on disposition of radio collections - reflections from a semi-old collector

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Mar 29 18:32:51 EST 2006

Interesting how opinions vary: I totally agree with Bob's points, but 
of course, if Graham meant that we should always be descriminating 
about what we buy, I do agree with that.

At 02:39 PM 2006-03-29, Graham Hunter wrote:
>Hi Bob,
>I totally agree with all the points you have made. We all should take heed,
>regardless of age.
>Graham, N6GH
>On 3/29/06, Bob And Bettina Groh <rgroh at> wrote:
> >
> > I've been following the recent thread on Boat Anchors regarding large
> > collections of ham radio equipment and the (eventual) problem of
>///SNIP: so as not to repeat too much...

Ed Tanton


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