Wanted - panel meter, 0-1 ma.

Edward Greeley etgreeley at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat May 6 00:03:16 EDT 2006

Good evening all,

I need a replacement meter to complete the restoration of a nice old 
RCA-Rider "Chanalyst". A good take-out from a Chanalyst would be nice, 
but probably too much to hope for. The meter is 0-1 ma., three inches 
square, with a special scale, made by Roller-Smith. I could use a 1940s 
vintage Roller-Smith meter and put the scale from the toasted meter in 
it. I imagine that a three inch round Roller-Smith would do just as well 
as long as the movement is good. The movement out of a round meter 
should be the same as the square one of that vintage and I could put the 
whole shebang in my square case.

Please check your stash of goodies and see what you have. I'll pay a 
reasonable price, of course.

BTW, if anyone cares, the Chanalyst is a rather elaborate signal tracer 
with a built-in VTVM.

Thanks for reading,
Ed Greeley

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