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john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Thu May 11 15:25:42 EDT 2006

It's interesting people don't note that SB-220 amps generally always sell 
for 600-700 dollars (about double what they cost new 25 years ago) , 
SB-200s for 300-450 ...also about double....and STILL a good deal!

John K5MO

At 11:38 AM 5/11/2006, Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
>On 5/10/06, Greg Gore; WA1KBQ <GARDGORE at> wrote:
>>It's just a newbie who figures he can make a fortune selling his junk box
>>stuff on eBay. You see it all the time and we just ignore it now. He will pay
>>fees for a while before he figures it out. There is also a Viking-Two in the
>>transmitters section with a buy-it-now of $900. Same deal, it will have 
>>over there until he learns what Viking-Twos are worth.
>Either that or someone who either speculated, paid too much, and now
>wants to get the big profit of years gone by *or* heard/read/was told
>that he should sell it on ebay for no less than $900 because that's
>what they're "worth". I see these guys at hamfests, someone told them
>they have to get this much because that's the ebay price. They
>neglected to mention 'on that particular day, with two very motivated
>bidders' and the rest. I like the 'birthdays' analogy, Greg. Good one!
>>I think the big
>>attraction to eBay got started about 6 or 7 years ago. Two bidders wanted to
>>reconnect with the nostalgia of their novice days when a Hallicrafters 
>>S-38 turned up.
>>They both wanted it pretty bad and they bid it up to over $300. It was the
>>talk of the airwaves for about a week and hamfests have never been the same
>>since. Everybody vacuums them now for a pile of stuff to sell on eBay but 
>>for boxes and bubble wrap all the time gets old.
>The 'time involved' aspect is what seems to get lost on the folks who
>envy someone else getting a deal, making a profit, or whatever else. I
>recall when Joe, WB6ACU paid $4150 or so for an SX-115 maybe 7-8 years
>back and people did nothing but mutter about it. I wonder how many saw
>the one sell for $6K+ within the next year or so? Or the unbuilt
>Heathkit AT-1 that went for over $4K a couple of years back? How about
>the Ocean Hopper a few months ago that sold for over $600? Recently
>SX-115s have been selling for $1500 or less on ebay, sometimes in the
>$600-$800 range. Times change, so does demand. If the price really is
>too high, it won't sell.
>The problem is, too many folks seem mesmerised by ebay and forget that
>there's a great big world out there full of people, old radios, and
>deals. They P&M about prices but forget that they have the freedom not
>to bid or add to it if they don't choose to. There will *always* be
>someone who is willing to pay what many of us would consider a
>ridiculous price for something, and *always* someone who will
>criticise them for it out of envy, jealous, anger, or a lack of
>understanding of the free market system. Just like the ones who want
>to tell you what you need, don't need, and so on.
>This past weekend I saw a beautifully-restored R-390A with meters,
>tag, and covers, at the Hosstraders hamfest in NH. Asking price was
>$650, about half or less what a similar radio brings on ebay. No idea
>if it sold for $650, $500, or what. But someone snapped it up, from a
>reputable military collector. I also saw a very clean 75A-4 that I
>thought had sold last year for $1500. It was marked $875, and I don't
>think it sold. So there are deals, or at least more reasonable prices
>out there. It requires prying one's self away from the keyboard and
>monitor though, and doing a little legwork. The instant gratification
>and convenience aspects of online shopping come at a price.
>That said, it's good to keep in mind that the days of $5 NIB ARC-5
>receivers, $10 BC-348s, and $50 R-390s are pretty much gone. Food,
>fuel, housing, income, antique cars and so on now cost a lot more than
>they did 10-20 years ago. I've heard folks moan about the $26K selling
>price of a clean KW-1, yet adjusted for inflation it's almost the
>exact price they sold for new in 1952/53.
>I have a rule that works pretty well for me: Never pay more for a
>radio than you're comfortable paying, and always buy to enjoy, not
>make a profit from. That way if the demand drops more in 2-3 years,
>you're not upset at having to keep and actually use your acquisitions.
>And fret not about what others buy, charge, or how much they spend.
>After all, it's their money and their gear. Money will take the fun
>right out of your hobby if you let it.
>de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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