40m AM Operation / Recording

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed May 24 11:43:31 EDT 2006

Hey guys - here is something to consider.... 7 MHz AM !!

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WA3VJB writes:

Thanks to those on here pointing out enjoyable, out of
the ordinary AM activity on 75m, 20m and 10m.

I would like to add 40m to your list of bands to

Saturday night into Sunday I had an excellent hourlong
QSO with Dave, W9AD. We started out on 7290, and there
was a SSB QSO that fired up just a little lower,
probably thinking we were just another international
broadcast station.

But the unusual part was that 7295 was clear of BC
signals from 9:30-11PM, clearing a place to set up and
have a good chat.  And we did.

Reception quality was so good that we took time to
record airchecks of one another to replay.  Dave, near
Chicago, was getting more QRN than myself, but not so
much that it ruined conditions.  Far cry from what I
was hearing at the same time on 75m.

Here's a recording Dave made early in the contact. He
happened also to have some pithy comments from Bill,
W8VYZ, that are bolted on here for inspiration.

Save and reply as the occasion fits.


MP3 audio file, about 900K file size, Receiver:
recorded on an SDR1000 "Flex" radio.


Transmitter: 1946 Collins 300-G, 1948 RCA mixing
console, Sennheiser 441, with some processing by the
"MultiMax" and "MultiLimiter" chain by Pacific
Recorders & Engineering.
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