Richard Arland, K7SZ richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 27 16:53:42 EDT 2006

Man, Pete:

I hate it when you sugarcoat your feelings!!

Actually, I feel quite the same way. Unless its going to the Smithsonian, 
the AWA, or the ARRL or some recognized museum what's the point? There are a 
bunch of folks out there that hve HUGE collections of ham radios, CB radios, 
Vibroplex bugs, telegraph equipment, whatever.....outside of a few people 
who drop by the collector's home or ofice, NOBODY knows that there is a 
collection of "whatever" on display. Apparently this "collection affliction" 
satisifies some egocentric drive that happens to many of us as we hit the 
age/timeframe when we have much more disposable income than common sense. I 
love the excuse, "I never had the money when I was in high 
school/college/grad school (whatever) to get one of these rigs and now that 
I earn seven figures a year I can afford to collect them!" OK, go 
ahead....have fun. But the fact remains that you can only use ONE radio at a 

I have two Whitefaces I will trade for that new-in-the-box-NOS one: one of 
my Whitefaces is working and the other one is for parts. I would like a 
working, unmodified Whiteface to put on 10 M AM (an easily revrsed mod).

Now if you all will excuse me, I have to go dust my eclectic collection of 
Barbie and Ken dolls that I have bent into obscene poses and had them each his/her/its own.

73 Rich K7SZ

PS: No flames personal attacks intended....Just the lack of 
meds and the fact that the buckles on the straight jacket worked loose!

 > How many of these things need to float around to preserve history? And
> preserve it for whom? It's a "plain-jane" CB; a box of hardware and
> components connected together. It was one of dozens of models popping up
> during that time frame. It wasn't even the first CB on the market. Chop
> it up, modify it, turn it into a blender, or whatever. It has little
> historic significance for future generations. Personally, I would sell
> it, and buy a real radio.
> Pete, wa2cwa 

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